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Treehouse Spectrum Selection: Edible Assortment edible results

Be sure to ask your local dispensary about availability, and don't forget to check out all of their strains and cannabis related products while you're there.

placeholderTreehouse Spectrum Selection: Edible Assortment
300% THC - 15% INDICA - 85% SATIVA
Explore the ultimate cannabis culinary journey with Treehouse Dispensary's Variety Pack, offering a tailored experience to suit every preference. Our carefully curated selection includes: - The Dark Cookie: A robust treat with ~90mg of THC, perfect for those seeking a potent and deeply satisfying experience. - The Chocolate Chip Cookie: A classic favorite infused with ~70mg of THC, balancing delightful sweetness with a substantial impact. - The Peanut Butter Cookie: A smooth and rich delight containing ~60mg of THC, blending nutty flavours with a gentle yet effective buzz. - The Brownie: Our signature, soft, and fudgy creation with ~50mg of THC, ideal for a milder, soothing indulgence. Each edible in our variety pack is crafted with the finest ingredients and premium THC, ensuring consistency in quality and potency. Whether you're a seasoned consumer or new to the world of cannabis edibles, our variety pack caters to all tastes and desired experiences. Pricing for these small, exquisite edibles is as inviting as their flavors: - Single delight: 200 THB - Quartet of indulgence: 600 THB The Treehouse Dispensary Variety Pack is not just a collection of edibles; it's a palette of experiences, each uniquely satisfying. Choose your favorite, or mix and match to find your perfect THC-infused treat.